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Attend the unique cctv and body surveilance course presented in pretoria

A short course in CCTV and Body Surveillance Course presented in conjunction with expert Dr Craig Donald:

Only R4999 Per Person (Excl VAT)


• This is a short course in CCTV Surveillance and Body Language Skills that will develop Control Room Operators and Supervisors into effective surveillance operators which will have an impact in operations.

• 2 day course based on theory, and practical applications.



Omega Training Academy has a lengthy history with Dr Craig Donald to present a unique course that will develop essential skills for supervisory and operator personnel carrying out operational and focused surveillance in Control and Surveillance Rooms.

Course Overview

Surveillance plays a critical step in the security management process within all businesses. Despite this, it is often overlooked and there is an industry-wide knowledge and skills shortage pertaining to this important aspect of control room effectiveness. The content looks at operational requirements, observation skills, incident recognition and body language together as elements of effective surveillance skills. The course concentrates on risk behaviour under incident conditions and any discussions of body language are put into this context. The training course incorporates current international guidelines and standards around CCTV surveillance. Use is made of extensive video material from both international and South African sources across a wide range of CCTV operations to illustrate, develop and test recognition skills

Who should attend?

This CCTV and Body Surveillance Course has been specifically designed to meet the needs of security operations, mining, estate, retail, corporate parks, airports, and macro surveillance operators, supervisors and managers within the security environme

Why you need to be there

In line with our motto to train for impact with integrity, this course will equip you with the knowledge, skills and attitude you need to observe, identify, evaluate and escalate the potential risks before it escalates into a traumatic event with substantial losses

Course Outlines

Develop the ability to do the following:

  • CCTV surveillance evaluation and information gathering – context, risk, targeting, and types of information collection. This emphasizes using all available information to detect, analyze and review incident conditions.
  • Process analysis techniques in forensic review of CCTV video.
  • Body language channels and types and implications in the incident processes
  • Movement patterns and crime diagnosis.
  • Countermeasures by criminals – recognizing detection avoidance.
  • Body components and their characteristics
  • Facial and micro facial expressions
  • Hands
  • Body posture
  • Understanding the incident process and associated behavior
  • Stages and processes
  • Crime actions and signatures during the incident stages.
  • Relationships and contact dynamics
  • Profiling individuals and syndicates.

Course Benefits

Enable Control Room personnel to reduce risk by effective surveillance, escalation and proactive actions which will contribute to the reduction of threats against all assets being corporative or public- thus saving the human and financial losses as well as public liability.

R4 999 per person (excl. VAT)

Discount for 10 and more participants can be negotiated. Please note that this price includes a light lunch but excludes travelling and accommodation

Book your place today to avoid disappointment! Cut-off date for bookings 5 days before course.

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