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Security Risk Assessments / Surveys

Risk Management Services Rendered include :

Site Survey / Risk Assessments

Security and Loss Control

Total Risk / Loss Management

New business Risk Assessments – Security and Insurance Companies

Security Guard found fast asleep during daylight survey

Development of Security, Risk Management and Loss Control Systems to



Manage risks found during the surveys/assessments

Compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act No. 85 of 1993 (South Africa)

Assisting the client to reach compliance with the Act and to maintain such compliance.

All the necessary documentation, systems and procedures needed to reach compliance have been developed and are available.

Training: All the required training are presented by trained instructors. Courses are customised to suit the circumstances and requirements of the client and premises.

Assisting clients to manage their Health and Safety Compliance – rather than to employ and expensive Safety Officer, we can provide you with less expensive options and ensure that you reach and maintain compliance.

Foreign Countries

Compliance to Safety and Health Legislation (Applicable in Country of origin)

LP Gas (possibly leaking out) and Electricity (note electric motor) – not a very safe combination!

Classroom & Distance-Learning Training Courses

We provide a full range of Health, Safety, Fire and Port Facility Security (ISPS code) courses.

Classroom and Distance Learning Courses are provided.

We developed unique distance learning courses and presently provide several courses on the distance-learning method

The safety and health training courses are extremely popular and is used worldwide by persons:

Who want to know more about or is responsible for the management of Risk programs, but either do not have the time to attend full-time courses, or,

Such courses are not available in their country, or

They have limited funds available to attend full time courses.

Multi-National Companies can also utilise Distance-Learning Training courses to train their employees wherever they may be based in the world, making it not necessary to return employees at high costs to their base for training.

All courses have been internationally accredited by reputable organisations.

Assistance with Information and Documentation for the Management of Safety & Health Programs

We developed systems, procedures and forms (click to see more detail)*+ covering the full spectrum of Safety and Health Management.

Toolbox talk topics (222) are also available to assist you with employee safety awareness training (click to see list and detail)

These are available at a small fee and can be ordered, as described in the Toolbox topics page.

Unsafe Electrical wiring such as indicated by these photographs taken during a Risk Assessment, can be prevented by OTA Consultants performing Safety compliance Inspections

Risk Management / Loss Control Information, Systems and Procedures

We developed applicable Information documents, Systems and Procedures covering the full spectrum of basic risks that Companies are exposed to (click to see the list in the Information Database)

These documents are available at a small fee Details about the costs and payment methods is described in the Information Database.

If the Security-responsible person at this Company was knowledgeable and were either properly trained or had access to Security-related information, he would have taken better measures to prevent theft from this safe.