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NKP Basic training

National Key Point Basic training (No shooting exercise is included)


Omega Training Academy is SAPS NKP accredited.
The purpose of this learning programme is to provide the security officer with the full understanding of the protection of a NKP. This course also ensures that the security officers are able to carry out their duties and responsibilities of the work they are required to perform on-site. They will be empowered with new knowledge for a better service delivery.

Purpose of National Key Point Qualification
After completion of the National Key Point Basic training the security officers will have a working understanding of the legal framework within which national key points are being secured.

They will be able to make a distinction between general security and securing a National Key Point.

Why you need to be there!
In line with our motto to train for impact with integrity, this course will equip you with the knowledge, skills and attitude you need to observe, identify, evaluate and escalate the potential risks before it escalates into a traumatic event with substantial losses. After this you can proceed to do the NKP Firearm qualification (also available at the Academy) to become a qualified NKP Officer.

R4999.00 per person (Including VAT) No shooting exercise is included
Two certificates will be issued.

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