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On 14 and 15 October 2016 an exciting and brand new Security Risk Assessment Course was launched at the Omega Training Academy.

The Security Industry has been lacking a tailor-made course for an extensive period of time and the launch of this course has been timeous with all the turmoil and security risk situations arriving due to protests and the continuous threats against various assets on a national basis.

Risk assessment remains a critical first step in the security protocol process for all businesses. Despite being a key component in risk management planning, it is often overlooked and the reality is that there is an industry-wide shortage of the necessary skills and knowledge to address it.

Twelve (12) Delegates attended the first module of the course and it was presented by Dr Lyon Pretorius a Principal Fellow of the International Security Management Institute (ISMI®) UK and the course is also endorsed by this institute.  The delegates completed the course with enthusiasm and had a different perspective in terms of security risks thereafter.

Instructor Mr Andre Eckhard




Omega Training Academy’s “Design out Threat” (DOT©) turnkey Solution encapsulates the entire risk assessment and threat mitigation process. It can be tailored to any known or anticipated business environment, and to varying degrees of appetite for risk.

Course Overview

Risk Assessment is a CRITICAL FIRST SEP IN THE security process protocol for businesses.

Despite being a key component in risk management planning, it is often overlooked and there is an industry-wide shortage of the necessary skills and knowledge.

Who should attend?

This SRA training course has been specifically designed to meet the needs of security managers, risk managers, estate and operational managers, marketing managers and those working in technology development.

Why you need to be there

In line with our commitment to training for impact with integrity, this Omega Training Academy course will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to evaluate and mitigate the risks faced by your business. We will empower you to conduct an effective security analysis and develop a comprehensive, proactive mitigation plan.

Our SRA course will take you through the process of collecting and collating data, and analysing it with a view to identify risk mitigation priorities in the context of adaptive frameworks that can be applied to any industry.

Course Outcomes

  • Ability to conduct a thorough threat analysis;
  • Proactive understanding of criminal behaviours and risk factors;
  • Enhanced logical and analytical skills to pinpoint and assess risks;
  • Awareness of effective security resources integration within organisational structures;
  • Ability to design reliable and valid security plans to address business risks, on budget.

Course Benefits  

  • Delivery of real solutions through the application of recognised and trusted methodologies;
  • An ISMI-endorsed certificate of attendance;
  • A first step on your career development path towards obtaining the Omega Training Academy’s Security Managers Higher Education Degree.
  • Professional networking opportunities with fellow security industry professionals through contact sessions, events and conferences.
  • Invitation to follow-up sessions and workshops at a discounted prices after successful completion of the course.

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The Academy will launch its first E-Learning platform (computer based distance learning) in February 2016, providing global access to potential learners.

Watch this space for more detail.


  • Official Launch of Academy

The Omega Training Academy was officially launched on 22 June 2016 with a prestigious opening ceremony. The main functionary of the event was Professor Anton Ströh, Vice Principal Institutional Planning at the University of Pretoria.

During this ceremony 5 people received their Certificate for Health & Safety Management for successfully completing the City & Guilds (UK) Level 2 programme.

  • SHE Representative e-learning course

The first e-learning course i.e. SHE Representative course was launched in July 2016. 6 candidates successfully completed the course in August 2016. This course was designed in such a manner that it saved the employer money in terms of time and attendance as well as transport and other costs related to a residential course. It allowed the students to complete it at their own time and tempo at a dedicated computer at the workplace. The e-learning platform is also accessible from any safe internet connection.

  • Security Risk Assessment Course.

Exiting news is that the Omega Training Academy has reached an agreement with ISMI® to present the courses of ISMI® – the first course namely Risk Assessment will be presented in October 2016. There is already big interest in the course and bookings in advance is essential.

  • More news in terms of presenting an international accredited Security Management course will be published soon!

Health and Safety Compliance:

Are you compliant with the requirement of the Occupation Act. We have the ideal solution to fit your need.

Obtain a SASSETA accredited certificate in general security practices

This qualification is an entry-level qualification and recognises the key competencies required of security personnel who are able to work in a variety of security contexts. This qualification will be for individuals who want to enter the security industry and develop competencies in standard security practices such as access and egress control, security response and patrols, asset protection and visible security operations.

Learners will operate mainly in the security sector, within a range of contexts, including rural, urban, corporate, mass, gatherings, homes and businesses. It will provide the learner with the competencies needed to undertake a range of security related processes and practices at an entry level. This qualification will entail that persons involved in the security environment will be able to practice the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to operate in a professional manner. The qualification will also enhance their career opportunities within the security environment.

The learner will be able to:

· Safeguard premises, assets, information and personnel.
· Interact with customers and people.
· Operate security equipment.
· Conduct security duties within the ambit of the law.

Distance learning option available as well. Contact us for more detail.